(Last Update: 18.5.2017)

Secretary General
Rudolf Jenny
Mr. Rudolf JENNY
Moosweg 9
Tel. +41 (0)31 951 60 62
Mobile: +41 (0)79 421 64 77

Biography of Rudolf Jenny
Rudolf Jenny is chemist by training and was active in environmental and ozone-technology until his retirement in 2008. He has been working with orchids for more than 40 years, had a large collection of tropical orchid plants until 1995. Over many years, he has travelled in Central and South America in connection with his studies in pollination ecology and taxonomy. He has published some 450 articles in many of the world’s leading orchid journals and published monographs of the genera Gongora, Stanhopea, Paphinia and Sievekingia. He is regular lecturer at conferences around the world and owner of one of the most complete orchid libraries in private hands. He maintains BibliOrchidea, the world’s largest and free accessible database for orchid literature with more than 165’000 entries, covering about 90 % f the existing literature He is research associate at the Jany Renz Herbarium, University of Basel, Switzerland and honorary member and secretary general of the European Orchid Council. In addition to orchids cave-climbing has been a hobby for many years.

Ari Matikka
Dr. Ari Matikka
Asemankatu 50
Tel. +358 40 550 8265

Biography of Ari Mattika
Ari Matikka has a collection of 150 of orchids at home, where they are cultivated under led lights and outside during the summer period. Ari has acted as the vice president and the president of the Finnish Orchid Society for seven years and most of this time as a delegate of EOC. His other interests include the local Chamber Choir and many aspects of new phenomena around computer assisted technology and internet. Ari has been graduated from the Helsinki School of Economics as a Doctor of Science in Economics.


Vinciane Dumont
Mrs. Vinciane DUMONT
37, chemin Jean-Achard
Tel. +41(0)22 346 93 45
Fax +41(0)22 789 28 91

Biography of Vinciane Dumont
As President of the Swiss Orchid Society, groupe de Romandie and Secretary General of the EOC, both for 20 years, as Deputy Chair of the Orchid Specialist Group at the IUCN and Member of the Expert Committee for Endangered Species appointed by the Swiss Federal Council for 12 years, Vinciane Dumont has been very much involved in the CITES revisions on orchid trade in Kyoto and Fort Lauderdale, where it has been approved to exempt orchid flask from CITES regulation. She has been co-editor of the Orchid Action Plan for the IUCN in 1996. In 2002, she resigned of all those responsibilities to dedicate herself in the organization of the World Orchid Conference in Dijon in 2005.

Charlotte Dupont
Prof. Dr. Charlotte DUPONT
25, avenue de l’Europe
F-92310 SEVRES
Tel. +33 (0)1 4626 7982
Mobile: +33 (0)6 1517 4273

Biography of Charlotte Dupont
Charlotte DUPONT, retired in 2004 from the University, was Professor of Pharmacology in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris.
With her husband, she was among those who founded the SFO (Société française d’Orchidophilie) in 1969 and she has always been a member of this Society since then. She is currently member of the Board of the SFO, devoted to external relationship. She is also member of the orchid section of the SNHF (Société nationale d’Horticulture de France).

Carsten Hammer
Mr. Carsten HAMMER
Im Bornstück 5
Tel. +49 (0)6087 919934

Biography of Carsten Hammer
Administrator of and local/international judge of the D.O.G. He has a special interest in the Pleurothallids, Section Macrophyllae-Fasciculatae also Dendrochilum and he likes to travel to different places to see how the orchids grow in the wild.

Johan Hermans
Darsham Road
IP17 3AL
Tel: +447789587471

Biography of Johan Hermans
Johan Hermans is Chairman of the RHS Orchid Committee and the Advisory Committee on Orchid Hybrid Registration. He is a World Orchid Conference Trustee and an Honorary Research Associate of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. He has a special interest in the Orchids of Madagascar.

Guido Diana
Biography of Guido Diana
Guido Diana is president of the Italian Association of Orchidologia since 2008, cultivates orchids for over 25 years in his small greenhouse and has a collection of 300 orchids, between species and hybrids. Guido has been involved in the organization of the EOC judgments Padua 2006. Since 2009 collaborates in the publication of the AIO Caesiana magazine.

Pedro Spinola
Mr. Pedro Spínola
Beco da Carne Azeda 5A
9050-065 Funchal
Phone +351-968327316