An European Orchid Council Conference and Exhibition (EOCCE) is held approximately every three years. Congresses and Exibitions are hosted and organized by one of the EOC Members.

Upcoming events
6. – 9.5.2021
The 19th European Orchid Council Conference and Exhibition will take place in Copenhagen.
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Judging Results of European Orchid Congress and Show, Paris 2018
Premier Trophy Winners РPlants 
Trophy Winners Plants
Ribbon Winners
Trophy Winners Display
Medals Display

Report of the European Orchid Congress and Show, Budapest 2012 (Orchid Review, September 2012)
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EOCCE-Guidelines (23.11.2011)
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Past events
2018 Paris
2015 London
2012 Budapest
2009 Dresden
2006 Padua
2003 London
2000 Copenhagen
1997 Geneva
1994 Hannover
1991 Rome
1988 Paris
1985 London
1982 Hamburg
1979 Zurich
1976 Amsterdam
1973 London
1969 Paris
1967 Wien