Update 1.6.2016
Precious holdings on Europe’s orchids online
Download slides and petal analyses by Hans R. Reinhard for free

Phalaenopsis, Dactylorhiza lapponica or Anacamptis pyramidalis – ETH-Bibliothek enables these and many more orchid varieties to be accessed online:
– The platform contains more than 1800 plant and petal analyses with herbarium orchids, attached to paper or glass slide mounts.
– The catalogue E-Pics Animals, Plants and Biotopes contains more than 23000 photographs of European orchids.

The collection stems from Hans R. Reinhard, a leading expert on orchids, who has compiled and evaluated a wealth of data on the species during many research expeditions all over Europe. It is one of the continent’s most prized collections on orchids. Thanks to its digitization and detailed indexing, scientists and the general public can now download the research material for free.

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Update 31.5.2016
Minutes of Board Meeting Dahlenburg 2015 added

Update 15.5.2016
Minutes of AGM London 2015 added